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15 jun 2017
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Blessing to you⁩

Van: Dr Sxxx Toufik [](
Datum: 15 juni 2017 09:44:01 CEST
Onderwerp: Antw.:⁨ Blessing to you⁩
Antwoord aan: [](
Dear Sir,
My name is Dr Steve Toufik, we have not met before, i got your contact from a reliable source. I am the director in one of children’s orphanage home here in Accra Ghana. There is one of my inmate a young boy of 17years old. His both parents has past away, the late father was a director of gold mining company here in Ghana. The late father deposited some amount of money with the boy’s name as the only son that incase if he died, they can use the money to bring him up and establish him. The amount is $7.5m so we are looking for a foreigner that can adopt the boy, and the fund can also be released to the person.
either a man or woman i will stand to help with our lawyer to process the adoption.
I we give you more details upon your response .
Awaiting urgent response.
Dr Sxxxx Toufik