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14 sep 2017

Apple: Summary [Updated Report] Receipt purchase detail of your order – Code received :

Van: “”
Datum: 14-09-17 14:27 (GMT+01:00)
Onderwerp: Summary [Updated Report] Receipt purchase detail of your order – Code received :

Hello                                ,

We confirm that you have sent to                                               a payment of $ 163.98 USD.

This credit card transaction will be shown on your statement as ”            “.

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Payment details

Purchased at:

Code received :

Item No.
Item Title
Sub Total

I-Phone 5 Unlocked 32GB
$150,98 USD
$150,98 USD

Shipping & handling:
(It includes the cost of packaging from the seller)
$13,00 USD

Insurance costs (no offer):

Total: | $163,98 USD
The charge will appear on your credit card as ”      “.
Payment sent to
Initial amount Currency | €176,073 EUR
Currency final amount: | $163,98 USD
Exchange rate: 1 USD = 0.897714 EUR

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Shipping Detail

Shipping Detail :



United States

Receipt Number:

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Keep the receipt number indicated above for future reference. You will need to get assistance from wu Danli.

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