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Withdrawal of 72,084.17 USD


Van: Blockchain.com
Aan: ***********@****************
Verzonden: Donderdag 20 juni 2024 12:08:10
Onderwerp: Withdrawal of 72,084.17 USD


Withdrawal of 1.069239 BTC

We inform you that the maintenance of your account has been suspended, the balance of your account is fixed in the amount of 72084,17 USD. The maintenance of your account has been suspended due to the blocking of the activity of the registrar company, in case you do not update your withdrawal details following the receipt of this notification, upon termination of your account your assets will be transferred in accordance with the details provided during account registration, as appropriate contact the the support team for verification of your account and updating of the withdrawal details, you can ignore this notification in case you confirm the withdrawal of your assets according to the details specified during account registration.

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