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Restore Now Your Account Has been Closed Temporarry


Van: *****************@****************
Datum: 16 november 2020 om 07:13:52 CET
Aan: *********@************
Kopie: accountprotection.********@*************
Onderwerp: Antw: Reminder: [Notes Conversation Replacement] [Notification Services Access] – News Summary Update access with Google Chrome from the Central Canada [November 16 2020] on Netscape – [SA-SV-12] [CLOSED] #0******

Restore Now Your Account Has been Closed Temporarry

Dear Customer,

Your account has just closed temporarily, because there is suspicious activity
on your account. To avoid unwanted things, we took action to close your
account temporarily. Immediate update and re-activate your account.

As part of this process, your old security info will be deleted and your contact
Click the button below to finish update and active your info.

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