Re : Update Confirmation [ AMAZON ] – ID :#*********


From: A̷m̷a‌zon
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 6:58:49 AM
To: ******@********
Subject: Re : Update Confirmation [ AMAZON ] – ID :#********

Dear Customer,

We have blocked your Amazon account and all pending orders.

We have taken this action because the billing information you provide did not
match the information recorded with the card issuer.

To resolve this issue, please verify now with the billing name, address, and telephone
number registered to your payment card. If you recently moved, you may need to
update this information with the card issuer.

***** ********(Link)

If you are unable to complete the verification process within 24hours, all pending
orders will be cancelled. You will not be able to access your account until this process
has been completed. We ask that you not open new account as any new order you place
may be delayed.

We hope to see you again soon,

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